FIn order to provide a true German quality of our doors and sliding partition walls Tornhoff uses exceptionally up-to-date materials and technologies.

All components of doors and partition walls are manufactured in Europe.

Components are machined using hi-tech equipment. All finished products are hand-assembled.

Thanks to applied technological solutions Tornhoff doors and partition walls offer a number of major advantages:

Customized dimensions
Tornhoff manufactures doors and partition walls with customized dimensions including non-standard ones. Within the shortest time we can provide a product customized to the size of your doorway opening. The maximum width: 1 m – for swing doors, 1.5 m – for sliding doors. The maximum height: 2.7 m – for sliding doors, 2.925 m – for partition walls.
Wide colour palette
On your request Tornhoff products – both glass and profiles – can be painted in any of more than 200 colours. For surface finishing we use modern high-tech methods: powder spraying and anodising.
High quality glazing
Tornhoff uses decorative glass with various patterns and textures, as well as laminated glass with layers glued together with special plastic film.
Adjustment devices
Door frame position in the doorway can be adjusted in three directions both before and after mounting which makes it possible to completely eliminate gaps caused by inaccuracies of construction. Doors are equipped with fastenings of various types made in Italy and with smooth acting door closers. Sliding partition walls are equipped with robust triple rollers which are fixed tight in their tracks preventing walls from vibrations and playing.
Wear-resistant materials used in Tornhoff doors and partition walls make them exceptionally robust, durable, and temperature-resistant. Thanks to their moisture-resistance Tornhoff products may be installed in toilets, bathrooms, spas, swimming pools, etc.
Glass of two types is used in Tornhoff doors and partition walls. Toughened glass, when broken, crumbles into small granular chunks with blunt edges which cannot cause hurts or cuts. Laminated glass is also safe and can withstand heavy loads thanks to its multi-layered structure. If glass of this type is broken, elastic plastic film holds the chunks.
Environment-friendly and easy in maintenance
Tornhoff doors and partition walls are made of environment friendly materials which do not cause allergic reactions. They are easy in maintenance and safe for children and pets.
Robust accessories
Tornhoff uses only high quality fittings made in Europe which do not require replacement during the whole service period of doors and partition walls. Reliable aluminium profiles and accessories with high performance characteristics make it possible to use Tornhoff doors and partition walls both in home ambience and in public rooms.
Tornhoff doors and partition walls are 100 % quality assessed at all stages and pass comprehensive premarket inspections.F